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Music Is Your Business

    When I finally got out of high school and first started doing club gigs a good musician friend of mine gave me a book. I read it cover to cover and it has proved to be a valuable resource even after all these years. That book is no longer in print but I want to suggest another book that just released its 3rd edition in 2007. I have read it and it’s an amazing resource for anyone just starting out in the music business and even seasoned musicians such as myself. The book is called Music Is Your Business . It’s a great guide to a lot of the inner workings of the music business and will serve as a great guide throughout your career as a musician.
  I can’t stress enough the importance of a knowledge of the music business. Here’s a copy of the Product Description from Amazon.com:

Music Is Your Business Product Description: This book takes the mystery out of the music business! “Music Is Your Business” tells you who does what in the music industry. Music industry veteran Christopher Knab’s honest, no-nonsense information will empower you to market and promote your music, whether you’re an experienced performer or just starting out. Learn how to attract distributors, get radio airplay, negotiate offers, and create a demand for your music with topics like Con Jobs: Watch Out for the Flim Flam Man, 10 Reasons Why Musicians Fail (and How Not To), What A&R Reps Do, and Online Music Retailing. Straight to the point legal chapters by entertainment law attorney Bartley F. Day include Filing Copyright Applications, Trademarking Band Names, and Making Sense of Recording Industry Contracts. A sample distributor one-sheet, band tour and work schedule, band bio, and more! Newly revised, illustrated, indexed, and 100 pages longer. “Music Is Your Business” is essential for independent musicians and record labels.

   Again, it is so important to have some in-depth direction in this business. Invest in your future and invest in this book. I promise it will help you.


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