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Weekend Album Recommendations 5-31-08

   Here are my picks for new albums this weekend. Remember, stay on top of new music and learn the latest songs. That’s how The Beatles did it. Everyone in Liverpool knew The Beatles played the most current songs. 


Personality Conflicts and Bands

David Lee Roth and Eddie Van Halen Personality Conflict in Action

If you’ve played in bands for any length of time at all I’m sure you’re well aware of personality conflicts. A lot of very famous and huge acts have fallen apart citing personality differences or conflicts as the reason the band fell apart. Chris Cornell […]

iTunes iMix, Live Musician Central Dance Set List 3

Here’s our 3rd Dance set list compiled on Apple’s iTunes. It’s available for download as an iTunes iMix. We have already compiled Live Musician Central Dance Set List 1and Live Musician Central Dance Set List 2 so when you add Dance Set List 3 you will have 3 complete sets of music for your band […]

How To Handle Jerks, Be Professional

Bottle Smashes Against Jacks Helmet

    One thing that you will have to deal with constantly as a live musician is obnoxious audience members. It seems like no matter how good you are you still have jerks in the crowd. There’s a funny scene in the Jack Black movie “Tenacious D And The Pick […]

You Need A P.A. System To Play A Gig

Review of Behringer PMP6000/B1520 PA Package and Yamaha EMX512SC/S115V PA System including powered mixer, microphones, monitors, speakers and […]

In Memoriam, Lost Musicians of 2007 Custom iMix

In honor of Memorial Day, let’s take time to remember who we lost in 2007.   

Sunday Funnies – The Bong Guitar

   First off, no, I don’t condone the smoking of illegal substances. But I thought this video was hilarious! I hope you enjoy a little weekend humor.  (Where can I get a Fez like that?)   

Weekend Album and Video Recommendations 5-24-08

Here are some of the best new releases for you to enjoy this weekend. I’m especially intrigued by the “Live From Abbey Road” TV show available on iTunes.

Guitar Collecting

50th Anniversary Fender American Deluxe Stratocaster

   I am a guitar player so it goes without saying that I love guitars. I have 14 guitars and I would still like to have more. It’s really hard to pick just one favorite because they all have certain things they do well and each guitar comes with its own special vibe.         […]

David Cook Wins American Idol!

David Cook Winner of American Idol Season 7

   It was really a surpise that David Cook won American Idol. Especially given how much the judges loved David Archuleta’s performances. Archuleta even won over Simon Cowell on the final performance episode.   

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