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Support Your Kids Talents

   One thing I’m really grateful for is how much my parents supported my musical ambitions. They paid for piano lessons when I was really young. Bought me my first good instrument, a Cornet. Then when I said I wanted to play guitar they got me one for Christmas. That alone changed my life forever. When I needed a bigger amp after I got in a band, my parents bought me one. It was such a good amp I still have it today, 24 years later.  

   I have a studio in my house and I let my kids use it as much as they want. They’ve written some great songs and they’ve learned to play a bunch of different instruments. I’m trying to pass down what was given to me from my parents and I hope I’m succeeding.

   My point is simple on this Mother’s Day. Let’s thank Mom and Dad for all their support and keep passing it down. The world needs musicians!

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