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Will David Archuleta win American Idol?

David Archuleta and David Cook

Archuleta and Cook

   First off, I’m not a huge American Idol fan and I don’t watch the show regularly. I do download and watch the episodes from iTunes and I have to say that I’m honestly impressed with the contestants singing abilites.   This season has been fun simply because David Archuleta lives about 25 miles from me. I don’t know him personally but it’s a lot of fun pulling for the “Local Boy”. Seeing how he has handled his sudden stardom in Utah has been heartening because he seems genuinely overwhelmed by his fame.

  So tonight the David’s will be giving their final performance. It could actually be the first time I ever vote on an American Idol performance. Either way it should be interesting to see which David is going to win. It’s interesting to me as well that the 2nd place finishers have gone on to have almost as much success as the the champion. It’s really a testament to the power of this popular television show. I have to admit that since I’m a guitar player, I dig David Cook’s style as well. I just gotta vote for the hometown boy though.

  So tonight, let’s vote for David Archuleta!!

If you’ve missed any episodes you can download them from iTunes and watch them at your convenience.
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