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Live Musician Central – Dance Set List 2, iTunes iMix

  Here at Live Musician Central we’re just trying to make things easier for your band. Here’s the 2nd of our instant set lists for your band to learn – Live Musician Central Dance Set 2

    We’ve compiled these songs based solely on their proven ability to fill the dance floor. The songs have been chosen from the Mobile Beat top 200 dance songs of all time.

  As I’ve said before, using the iMix feature in iTunes is an easy way to make sure that all your band members have the same copy of the song that you’re learning. If you use our pre-made set list you can simply have the band members download the songs and learn them. You will all have the same version of the songs and you’ll all have access to them in one place.

  Even if your band decides not to learn all these songs, it’s a great idea to have them on the iPod to play during your band breaks. If you can keep the party going while the band is taking a break then you’re going to keep the crowd and the club management very happy. So grab these songs!


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