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The Importance Of Stage Lighting

A discussion on the importance of good stage lighting. Various types of lighting setups are […]

Standard Practice, Dress Rehearsal and Live Show Setups

Bill Likes Pepsi At Rehearsal

   I’ve been playing in bands for 27 years now and have been to lots of band practices and rehearsals. Today I’m going to talk a bit about how your band sets up for practice and gigs. I want you to think about how your band sets up during […]

Hal Leonard Gig Guide Book With CD – The Performance Guide For Bands

Hal Leonard Gig Guide

   I’m always checking out new and interesting products to help make my life in a band easier. I was looking at some guitar tablature books and stumbled onto the Gig Guide series published by Hal Leonard. The Gig Guide series is designed to provide musicians with a blueprint for […]

Weekend Gig Report – In Stereo at Canyon Inn July 25-26, 2008

   My band In Stereo played the Canyon Inn in Salt Lake City, Utah this weekend. It was a lot of fun to get out and play. We’ve had about a month off and the break has been nice but I start getting restless to get out and play when we sit for so long. Overall […]

Sunday Funnies – Play Bikini Girls!

   Today for the Sunday Funnies I’m pointing you to a really unique web based keyboard. Who doesn’t like pretty girls in bikini’s? Now what if you could compose a song with suntanning bikini girls? Here’s a link where you can not only practice your 8-note major scale you can also write a little tune, […]

Live Musician Central Weekend Album Picks 7-26-08

   Every weekend Live Musician Central picks some of the best new releases along with some “must have” albums. I pick music that is very popular since there will be a better chance of more people being familiar with it. When your band plays a gig it’s always best to play music that as many […]

A Classic Performance From Sister Rosetta Tharpe

   After playing music for so many years and being in the business I do tend to get a bit ho-hum about all the greatness out there. I start saying “Well, another Van Halen clone…yawn.” Or “Wow, 500 notes per second…snore.” Then something truly great will catch my attention.

Follow-up To Yesterdays “Importance Of Learning Piano” Post

   Yesterday I posted about how much learning to play the piano has helped me throughout my career as a musician. My post is titled “The Most Important Instrument To Learn – The Piano“. Dr. Christopher Foley who teaches at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Canada and is also the author of The Collaborative […]

The Most Important Instrument To Learn - The Piano

As a musician, the most important instrument that you can learn is the piano. Discussion on how piano and guitar theory are […]

Practice With Free Metronome Online

Click Me To Practice!

   If you want to get stronger, faster and more accurate on your instrument then there’s no substitute for practicing with a metronome. Metronome’s are perfect for building up the muscles in your hands. Today I want to turn you on to the free online metronome at www.metronomeonline.com.

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