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Sunday Funnies – Eric Clapton Shreds with Carlos Santana

   For todays Sunday Funnies I’m putting up another great “Shreds” video. This one features a guitar duel by Eric Clapton and Carlos Santana. It’s really funny because BluesMK (the author of the vid) took the time to replicate Carlos and Eric’s different guitar tones.

   I think it’s a funny example of their contrasting guitar tones. The PRS with the tube screamer is definitely a nice contrast to Claptons mid-boosted Strat. At one point Carlos throws down “Crazy Train” then gives Clapton the “Let’s see you do it!” stare as Clapton tosses off a standard blues lick in response. Nice to see Carlos give Randy Rhodes a little nod there. The 2/4 country style jam at the end is hilarious too. The playing is, of course, aweful…          

Eric Clapton Shreds with Carlos Santana

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