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Which Famous Guitarist Are You?

   I’ve got a couple of fun things for you today. First of all, have you ever asked yourself the question “Which famous guitarist do I resemble?”. Well, I’m going to point you to a quiz that will let you answer that question. Just follow this link to find out Which Famous Guitarist Are You? Check out my results below, I’m Jimmy Page. Who knew? I always thought I was more of a David Gilmour type.

Which famous guitarist are you?

Your Result: Jimmy Page

You are just one component of music. The spotlight is your home, but only if you’ve have your Jack Daniels for the day. Lay off the drugs and fourteen-year-olds. You have good talent, and you don’t want to waste it by doing stupid stuff now.

Jimi Hendrix
David Gilmour
Adam Jones
Dimebag Darrell
Synyster Gates
Tom Delonge
Which famous guitarist are you?
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   So with that being decided, I figured I’d share a great video clip of legendary rock god Jimmy Page. Yes, that’s Jimmy playing Skiffle at age 14 in 1957 and going by the name of James Page. You get a song at the beginning of the clip and another at the end. I particularly enjoy the interview with the host where Jimmy says he’s going to go into bilogical research and find a cure for cancer. Who knows, maybe the music of Led Zeppelin will cure cancer one day. Enjoy!

Jimmy Page Age 14 Plays Skiffle

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