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Shopping For Gifts For Musicians

   It’s that time of year again and I like to get my Christmas shopping done early so I can relax and enjoy the holiday season. For the live musician there are so many opportunities to be out playing gigs that shopping during December can just be crazy. One thing I’ve noticed about being a musician is that a lot of my friends are musicians too. It’s always tricky buying things for each other and it can be tough to think of new things to get for the players in your band year after year. I mean how many guitar picks and sets of strings can you give out before it all just becomes the same old boring routine?

   That’s why I totally appreciate having a good musicians gift guide to use while I do my shopping. So today I’m going to give you links to 3 excellent gift guides from the top Internet music stores. I don’t know about you but I love ordering online and just waiting for the gifts to show up on my doorstep. It’s great to avoid all the crazy Christmas crowds at the stores. The only crazy Christmas crowds I like are the ones at the front of the stage cheering my live band on. So follow the links below for great musician gift guides.

Musician's Friend Holiday Gift Guide

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