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Sunday Funnies – Yngwie Malmsteen Video Lesson

   This is one of the funniest “shreds” type videos because whoever did the voice overdub says the most hilarious things. If you’ve ever heard or read Yngwie’s interviews from his younger days then you’ll remember how full of himself he used to be. He still is but he’s learned a tiny touch of humility over the years but in this clip parody it’s back to the good old “I’m your new God” Yngwie days. So have a good laugh at this custom Yngwie Mamlsteen video lesson.   

Yngwie Malmsteen Video Lesson

3 comments to Sunday Funnies – Yngwie Malmsteen Video Lesson

  • Warto

    “I actually taught God how to play de guitar.”


  • James

    Pretty funny, I once learned a minor arpeggio pick sweep technique that Malmsteen was showing off in a magazine. It was the only thing I could play of his, besides this classical scale thing he played on both the high e string, and b string. Anyways, he’s super fast, but I can’t feel any small measurement of soul in his music at all. To top it off, he plays everything super fast in his videos, and when he plays it over again slowly, it’s still nowhere near slow enough for the average player to comfortably learn it.

  • Ha! James, you’re right about how even when he plays slow in his “instructional” videos he plays too fast to follow.

    Honestly out of the hundreds of songs Yngwie has recorded I actually do like two or three. Sometimes he captures something but I agree that a lot of his playing is quite sterile. What always bugged me about Yngwie was his “I’m better than you” attitude about everything. It was a lot worse when he was younger but I guess a lifetime without a hit has mellowed him out some. -Matt-

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