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About The Product Links From Amazon, eBay and Musician’s Friend

You want to be safe and get great deals when buying music equipment online. That’s why Live Musician Central links to Musician’s Friend, Amazon.com and […]

Steve Vai Demo Video For The Jemini Distortion Pedal

Steve Vai does a demo video of his amazing Jemini Distortion Pedal, killer guitar playing and funny jokes […]

Gibson Les Paul Studio Versus Gibson Les Paul Custom Guitar Review

The Gibson Les Paul Studio is a high quality, American made guitar with a decent price […]

Download Free Fender Cyber-Twin SE Preset Patch “LMC Matt’s Noise”

Listen to a sound clip and download a free custom preset sound patch for your Fender Cyber-Twin SE Guitar Amplifier. This one is “LMC Matt’s […]

Sunday Funnies – Kiss Plays Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up”

Watch Kiss play a smooth cover of Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You […]

Live Musician Central – Weekend Album Picks 4-25-09

Every week we bring you the most heavily marketed new music releases as well as some classic albums for your […]

What Can You Do If Your Live Band’s Volume Is Too Loud Onstage

Controlling your stage volume is essential in your live band so you can save your hearing and sound your […]

Music Theory Explained In The Guitar Grimoire – A Notated Intervallic Study Of Scales

This book is the music notated companion book to “The Guitar Grimoire – Scales & Modes”. Both are a must-have for your music […]

Fender Cyber-Twin SE Amplifier Demo Video

Fender Cyber-Twin SE amplifier video demo featuring Grech Koch, Gary Hoey and Shane Nicholas. Excellent sounds and playing are contained […]

Master Scales And Modes Music Theory With The Guitar Grimoire

The Guitar Grimoire – Scales & Modes is a “must have” book for every guitarist that wants to take their playing to a higher […]

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