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Beat The Fender Price Increase and Get Low Prices On A Jeff Beck Signature Stratocaster

Jeff Beck Signature Stratocaster

Jeff Beck Signature Stratocaster

   This week on Live Musician Central we’ve been celebrating the release of Jeff Beck’s super new live DVD/Blu-Ray “Jeff Beck Performing This Week: Live At Ronnie Scott’s“. We’ve also been fighting against the insane Fender price increase by posting up links to great deals on Fender equipment on eBay. Today we’re going to do both and fight the Fender price increase by featuring Jeff Beck Signature Stratocaster listings on eBay. Keep in mind, if you want to buy a new Jeff Beck Signature Stratocaster from Musician’s Friend it will cost you $2,019.00 to get one delivered to you. If you look at these eBay listings you can see that you’ll be able to pick up a Jeff Beck Signature Strat for anywhere from $1199.00 to $1500.00. That’s a big savings if you go ahead and buy on eBay. We will keep these postings going on all current auctions for the Jeff Beck Signature Stratocaster.
[phpbay]Jeff Beck Stratocaster, 10[/phpbay]

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