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Eddie Van Halen Live Guitar Solo Circa 1983

   There are very few live guitarists that can compete with Eddie Van Halen. He is truly a master of the electric guitar. This video is from a live DVD made around 1983 and features Eddie doing his live solo at one of the high points of his career. It’s just plain fun to watch him go crazy on his Frankenstein Strat. Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Eddie Van Halen!!   

Eddie Van Halen – Live Guitar Solo circa 1983

EVH Eddie Van Halen Frankenstein Replica Electric Guitar Black/White/Red EVH Eddie Van Halen Frankenstein Replica Electric Guitar Black/White/Red

Eddie Van Halen and Fender have joined forces to bring you EVH® brand guitars, amps and musical products, beginning with a most eagerly awaited musical event: the unveiling of a 300-instrument limited edition run of the Eddie Van Halen Frankenstein™replica guitar. This red, black and white ash-body guitar has been put through an astounding aging process to replicate the original down to every last scratch, ding and cigarette burn. Fender craftsmen even scoured the land for 1971 quarters—just like the original Eddie at one time stuck under the original tremolo bridge—to mount near the Floyd Rose® Original tremolo bridge. The guitar features a Seymour Duncan® Custom Shop EVH® humbucking pickup, a single master volume knob (that says “Tone”) mounted on a partial black pickguard identical to the original. Leaving no stone unturned, the guitar is complete with a non-functional three-way switch and single-coil pickup that occupy two of the three pickup routs. It’s a phenomenally crafted piece of rock history—of guitar history, period—and it could only come from Eddie Van Halen and the talented resources of Fender. It simply must be seen, heard and felt to be believed, and it will re-evoke the awestruck wonder and sheer thrill you experienced the first time you saw, heard and felt the incredible musical power of Eddie Van Halen.

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