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Live Musician Central – Weekend Album Picks 4-25-09

 Live Musician Central brings you the weeks most heavily marketed new album releases. Each week we pick new releases based solely on the amount of music industry marketing hype they generate. Because these may not necessarily be the best albums out there, we do throw in a couple of certified classics for you to download and add to your personal music collection. We pick these albums so you can build your band’s setlist and break music selection. Like it or not, people in the clubs are going to know these songs because they’re going to be pushed hard on the Internet, radio and in the clubs.

 There’s no better way to start your weekend than by downloading some brand new MP3’s from iTunes or even better, Amazon.com. Since iTunes has raised the prices on their music downloads you can save a bunch of money by downloading Amazon.com’s high quality MP3’s. The Amazon.com MP3’s are encoded at 256kbps and they sound extremely good! They’re DRM free and you can play them on every MP3 player in your house, car or portable. Today I’m putting up a couple of my personal favorite classics. I’m posting the Electric Light Orchestra  album “Time” which heavily influenced me when I was young both in terms of composing music and lyric writing. I’m also putting up the classic Journey album “Frontiers”.
Apple iTunes

Apple iTunes

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