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Weekend Set List For Your Live Band To Play 5-30-09 – Metal

   Every weekend I will be featuring a new downloadable live band set list for you to check out and get right here on Live Musician Central. This feature is called “Weekend Set List” and it features proven set lists that keep the audience on their feet in live music clubs. The songs on the set list are time tested and proven to work in the clubs.  

   The musical style of the setlist is shown at the end of the post title. This week I’m featuring the first of my Metal sets. This set list has worked for me very well in some of the heavy metal bands I’ve played in. These songs have been shown to fill the floor with metal music lovers every time they’re played.

   You can either use this list and learn these songs to play with your live band or you can simply use them as break music. If you play these while your band takes it’s break you will keep the party happening while you get some rest. It’s a good idea to keep these songs on your iPod or portable music player.

   I am posting the Set List with Amazon.com MP3 downloads because they’re cheaper than iTunes, sound better than iTunes and you can listen to samples right here on the webpage.

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