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Sunday Funnies – Kids Cartoon Candy Cigarettes

   Everybody knows that any smoking at all is not good for your body. So it was a pretty major marketing blunder when someone got the bright idea to put famous cartoon characters on candy cigarettes. Having kids associate Spider-Man with smoking is maybe not the best thing for good ol’ Spidey’s image. Okay, they’re calling them “candy sticks” but we all know they’re just re-packaged candy cigarettes.    

   Of course the tobacco industry is huge and rich. I gotta admit, I “smoked” a pack or two of candy cigarette’s when I was a kid and it never turned me into a smoker. Still, it makes you wonder what the repercussions of those sweet little “candy sticks” were…

   Here’s a funny look at some seriously stupid marketing.

FAIL Cartoon Character Candy Cigarettes

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