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Video clip of The Who playing a cover version of The Beatles song

   I thought this was a very interesting and funny video clip. It’s the cross-mixing of two of my favorite bands of all time, The Who and The Beatles.

   It’s common knowledge that Keith Moon and Ringo Starr were very good friends and drinking buddies. I’m sure there was a sense of rivalry between The Who and The Beatles as well. This clip features The Who playing a cover of The Beatles song “Saw Her Standing There” during a filmed rehearsal in 1977.   

   It looks as though Pete Townshend is simply humoring Keith by playing along while Keith sings his heart out. It’s really funny to watch Keith throw himself into the song including counting it off exactly like McCartney did on The Beatles first album. Keith shouts “1-2-3-4!” then goes wild on the drums as only Keith can do. It’s really funny to watch Keith drumming on this clip.

   Townshend plays like a 70’s era punk rocker and I think Steve Jones of the Sex Pistols would have been proud of Pete’s guitar work in this clip. What’s great is the overall sense of fun in the rendition and the revelation that The Who are not a very good cover band. I hope you enjoy the clip as much as I did. 
The Who jam on The Beatles – Saw Her Standing There

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