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Steve Vai Performs – I Know You’re Here (Live Video)

   What can I say about the great Steve Vai? The man continually blows my mind every time I hear him play. I’ve been a fan of Steve ever since his incredible 1984 solo release “Flex-Able”. I’ve tried to emulate many aspects of his playing in my own style to use with my live band.

   One of the greatest things about Steve Vai is his ability to play technically and still have great emotion in his playing. We all know he can shred and play a zillion notes per second but what makes him great is he makes every note count. He knows when to play a melody and when to play a scale-fill. Even his fast runs are very melodic and that’s a rare and beautiful ability.   

   Today’s video clip is from the DVD “G3-Live In Denver” and features Steve Vai playing his triple necked guitar. The top neck is a 12-string, the middle neck is a traditional 6-string with a whammy bar and the bottom neck is a 6-string fretless. Steve uses all 3 necks to create his solo by strumming the open tuned 12-string neck as well as the open tuned fretless neck. He also busts off some sweet fretless solo licks.

   This is a great video and I really enjoyed this clip a lot. I hope you do as well.

Steve Vai – I Know You’re Here

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