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Gibson Les Paul BFG Demo Video

Gibson Les Paul BFG

Gibson Les Paul BFG

   The other day on Live Musician Central I wrote a review of my Gibson Les Paul BFG guitar. I use the Les Paul BFG in my live band all the time because it has fantastic tones and it can stand up to all the abuse I dish out onstage. I’ve had my Les Paul BFG for over a year now and it continues to play very well. In fact, the wood has aged nicely as the guitar has broken in and I think it sounds better now than when it was new.

   I wanted to put up a Gibson demo video of the Les Paul BFG so you could check out the amazing tones this guitar can produce. Here it is and it’s a very good example of what the Gibson Les Paul BFG is capable of.        

Gibson Les Paul BFG

I’ve only been able to find the Gibson Les Paul BFG available on eBay if you want to buy one online. Just check out the listings below and you just may find your own Les Paul BFG.
[phpbay]Les Paul BFG, 8[/phpbay]

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