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October 2009
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Weekend Set List For Your Live Band To Play - Top 90's Songs 1

Download this set list of Top Songs Of The 90’s for your live band to learn and play at […]

Make Equipment Hauling A Breeze With A Mini Cart

The rock n roller mini cart makes loading your musical equipment in and out of a venue a […]

What To Do When One Of Your Band Members Won't Practice

Having a band member that will only practice at band rehearsal is something that you can actually work […]

Sunday Funnies - Cool Guys Don't Look At Explosions

A funny music video by The Lonely Island featuring Andy Samberg, Will Farrell and JJ Abrams doing a song called “Cool Guys Don’t Look At […]

Make The Leap To HD Radio With The Microsoft Zune HD

Explore the amazing sounding world of HD Digital Radio with the Microsoft Zune […]

Alice Cooper Theatre Of Death Concert Review

Review of Alice Cooper Theatre Of Death concert in Wendover, Nevada at the Peppermill Concert Hall on October 17, […]

Sunday Funnies - Stuff People Send David Choi

Video clip of the incredible amount of items that musician David Choi receives in the […]

Weekend Set List For Your Live Band To Play - Classic Rock 3

Download this excellent Classic Rock set list for your live band to learn and […]

Is Your Live Band Feeling Stale? Bring In A Guest Musician

If your live band is feeling a little stale, try bringing in a guest musician to liven things […]

The Beatles: Rock Band Intro and Outro Animations

Watch video clips of The Beatles: Rock Band intro and outro video […]

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