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December 2009
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Top Content On Live Musician Central For 2009

This is a list of the top content on Live Musician Central for the year of […]

B-52 Matrix 2000 Powered Speaker System With Subwoofer

Review of the B-52 Matrix 2000 Speaker system with powered subwoofer and powered satellite […]

Sunday Funnies - Axis Of Awesome 4 Chords

A funny look at how so many songs use the exact same chord […]

Fill Up Your MP3 Player With 50 Albums Under $5

Load up your new MP3 player with custom band Set Lists and $5 albums from […]

Band Aid - Do They Know It's Christmas?

Video of the number one Christmas single by the supergroup Band Aid titled Do They Know It’s […]

My Favorite Electric Bass Guitar Strings

Dean Markley Blue Steel bass guitar strings have the perfect combination of excellent tone and high […]

Sunday Funnies - Bohemian Christmas Rhapsody

Enjoy this great Christmas song parody of Queen’s hit, Bohemian […]

Weekend Setlist For Your Live Band To Play - Dance 6

Download this proven set list of dance songs for your live band to learn and play at […]

Tipping The Bartenders And Waitresses

Tipping the bartenders and waitresses at your live band gigs will get your band remembered and […]

Live Musician Gift Idea - Live Sound Accessories Pack

This live sound accessories pack includes two mic stands, two speaker stands, one speaker stand bag and an equipment hauling […]

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