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Sunday Funnies - Support Conan O'Brien My Coco

   I admit, when Jay Leno was hosting the Tonight Show I would watch fairly regularly but a lot of the time I’d fall asleep on the couch until Conan O’Brien came on. So I was pretty stoked when Jay retired and Conan moved to the 10:30 spot to host The Tonight Show. I figured I could stay awake easily for Conan’s hijinks and I do. Then all this time slot stupidity started.

   Now don’t get me wrong, I like Jay but he left to try a new time slot and for better or worse, it didn’t work out. So I say Jay, it’s time to retire to Vegas and start really enjoying your car collection. Conan is younger and funnier and he’s earned his shot to host the Tonight Show.  

   I also remember when Jay replaced Johnny Carson and how upset my parents were. It was a real letdown going from Johnny to Jay but the network stuck with Jay. Johnny stayed retired while Jay had time to get his thing going on the Tonight Show. I think Conan deserves the same shot that Jay got from NBC and Johnny. Give Conan more time, I know he’ll succeed.

   So for today’s Sunday Funnies, I’m posting up a video of Conan set to a song called “My Coco” by Stellastar. This is all in support of Conan O’Brien. Jay, retire. NBC, pull your heads out and give Conan his due. Go Conan! Oh and join the I’m With Coco Facebook page.

Support Conan – My Coco

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