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March 2010
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So Your Band Sounds Like A Train Wreck

Does your live band sound like a train wreck? This post will help you figure out why and how to solve […]

Sunday Funnies - Bikini Girls And Spectacles

It doesn’t matter how good you smell if you look like a […]

Keep Your Show Moving And Minimize Dead Air

Keep your show moving by having a plan in place for song changes, stage banter and instrument […]

Get Your Music Distributed On iTunes And Amazon.mp3

Get your music on iTunes, Amazon mp3, Napster, eMusic and many other online sales channels using […]

Sunday Funnies - Annoying Orange Harasses Leprechaun

The Annoying Orange seriously annoys a Leprechaun in this funny clip called Luck o’ the […]

How To Tune Your Own Piano

Tuning your piano is easy with the right tools and a good guide […]

Having A Vocal Only Rehearsal With Your Band

If you want your band to sound it’s best, have a dedicated Vocals only band […]

Gig Report - Bonne Nuit Live Online Concert March 6, 2010

Bonne Nuit played another successful live online concert on March 6, […]

Sunday Funnies - 'Let's Duet' from the movie Walk Hard

John C. Reilly and Jenna Fischer singing “Let’s Duet” from the movie Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox […]

Bonne Nuit To Play Live Online Concert Saturday March 3, 2010

The band Bonne Nuit comprised of Matt Rushton, Skyler Rushton, Erik Rushton and Austin Rushton will be playing a live online concert on March 3, […]

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