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Get Your Music Distributed On iTunes And Amazon.mp3

   Today it’s easier than ever to get your own original music recorded either at home or at a professional studio. Once you have the perfect recording of your original song it’s easier than ever to sell your music to your fans. The beauty of current online music distribution channels such as iTunes or Amazon.mp3 service is that anyone can get their music sold through those channels. Today I’m going to tell you about a very easy way to get your music distributed through iTunes, Amazon.mp3, eMusic and many other major online music distributors.   

   There’s a service called Tune Core that let you manage all of your songs from a single interface. All you have to do is sign up, upload your singles or albums along with liner notes and album art, and your music will be delivered to iTunes, Rhapsody, Amazon MP3, Napster and others for distribution. You will get 100% of the royalties from all of your music sales.

   So what does it cost to upload your music for worldwide distribution? It’s only $9.99 per single and for albums it’s less than $50. That’s an incredible deal for taking the hassle out of contacting all the online distributors individually to try and get your music approved, uploaded and listed.

   There’s another interesting aspect to distributing through TuneCore. If you’ve recorded any covers of popular songs, you can also upload those for sale and distribution. You’ll get any royalties paid for you cover versions as well.

   It’s as easy as it gets to simply upload from your computer to TuneCore and then let them get it distributed for a single low fee. They won’t take any of your royalties which is excellent for artists. Here are some links to get you going with TuneCore!
Get Your Music on iTunes for as Low as $9.99 at TuneCore
Sell Your Album Online with TuneCore

Tune Core Music and Video Distribution of Your Own

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