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January 2019
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Sunday Funnies - Total Eclipse Of The Heart: Literal Video Version

Bonnie Tyler’s hit song Total Eclipse Of The Heart with lyrics that literally tell the story of what’s happening in the […]

Sunday Funnies - Throw It On The Ground SNL

   This week I’m putting up a video clip from Saturday Night Live. This is an Andy Samberg doing a little rap song called “Throw It On The Ground”. I think his view of what should be thrown on the ground is a little twisted in this one, but of course that’s what makes it […]

Sunday Funnies - Monty Python Lumberjack Song

Video of the Lumberjack Song by the Monty Python […]

Sunday Funnies - Horrible Guitar Players On YouTube

Funny video of some seriously bad guitar players who posted on […]

Sunday Funnies - Songs About A Girl Family Guy

This is a funny clip with Stewie and Brian from Family Guy discussing songs with girl’s […]

Sunday Funnies - Support Conan O'Brien My Coco

A video in support of Conan O’Brien showing Conan clips to the song My Coco by […]

Sunday Funnies - Wedding Dance Fail Video

This video could be funny or terribly tragic depending on your point of […]

Sunday Funnies - Prairie Dog Attack

This is one of those clips that’s so stupid it’s funny, I hope you like prairie […]

Sunday Funnies - Axis Of Awesome 4 Chords

A funny look at how so many songs use the exact same chord […]

Sunday Funnies - Bohemian Christmas Rhapsody

Enjoy this great Christmas song parody of Queen’s hit, Bohemian […]

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