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January 2020
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Live Musician Central Dance Set List 7, iTunes iMix

This set list has been compiled from the top 200 dance songs of all time and are guaranteed to fill the floor everytime they’re played. This is set list […]

Live Musician Central Dance Set List 6, iTunes iMix

This is dance set list number 6 in our series of downloadable band set lists using iTunes custom iMix […]

Build Your Set List With Live Musician Central’s Custom iMix

Build your set list with proven hits using Live Musician Centrals custom iMix set […]

Play To Your Strengths With Your Song Selection

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   Every band has it’s own unique talent level that comes from each individual band member’s personal skill level. I’ve played with guitarists that are just amazing with Jazz music but couldn’t play even the simplest of Rock-N-Roll music. I’ve played with bass players that could hold down a perfectly […]

Live Musician Central Dance Set List 5, iTunes iMix

  This is number 5 in our series of Dance Set Lists for your band to learn. These lists have been compiled from the Mobile Beat Top 200 Dance Songs Of All Time. These songs are proven to keep the dance floor filled all night long. You should be able to pick the songs you […]

Live Musician Central Dance Set List 4, iTunes iMix

Today we have our fourth set list in our series of Live Musician Central Dance Set Lists. This list is Live Musician Central Dance Set List 4. Now that we have four complete dance set lists, you have enough material to play an entire night at a club. An average set in a club is […]

iTunes iMix, Live Musician Central Dance Set List 3

Here’s our 3rd Dance set list compiled on Apple’s iTunes. It’s available for download as an iTunes iMix. We have already compiled Live Musician Central Dance Set List 1and Live Musician Central Dance Set List 2 so when you add Dance Set List 3 you will have 3 complete sets of music for your band […]

In Memoriam, Lost Musicians of 2007 Custom iMix

In honor of Memorial Day, let’s take time to remember who we lost in 2007.   

Live Musician Central – Dance Set List 2, iTunes iMix


  Here at Live Musician Central we’re just trying to make things easier for your band. Here’s the 2nd of our instant set lists for your band to learn – Live Musician Central Dance Set 2

Creating A Setlist Using iTunes iMix – Dance Set List 1

Billy Idol – Mony Mony

   It’s tough finding sure hits for your live band to play. You want songs that are going to fill the floor every time you play them. I’ve been playing the Billy Idol version of Mony Mony since 1985 and it’s STILL filling the floor when my band plays it. […]

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