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May 2019
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Make The Leap To HD Radio With The Microsoft Zune HD

Explore the amazing sounding world of HD Digital Radio with the Microsoft Zune […]

The Beatles: Rock Band Intro and Outro Animations

Watch video clips of The Beatles: Rock Band intro and outro video […]

Sound Wave Art Using A Chladni Plate

Video of a Chladni Plate being used to create complex patterns with salt using sound waves to vibrate the […]

Which Beatle Are You Quiz

Take a fun quiz to find out which Beatle most matches your […]

Les Paul - In Memoriam June 9, 1915 - August 13, 2009

Tribute to the life and contributions of the late and legendary Les […]

In Memoriam: Michael Jackson 1958-2009

A musician’s perspective on the passing of the great Michael […]

Thanks To My Father For Supporting My Musical Journey

My tribute to my Father, Allen L. Rushton, for supporting me so much in my musical […]

The Good Singers Vs. Bad Singers Debate

Trying to label something as unique as the human voice as either “Bad” or “Good” is a very difficult thing to […]

About The Product Links From Amazon, eBay and Musician’s Friend

You want to be safe and get great deals when buying music equipment online. That’s why Live Musician Central links to Musician’s Friend, Amazon.com and […]

Live Musician Central One Year Anniversary Of Everyday Blogging

Live Musician Central author, Matt Rushton, reflects on the one year anniversary of this […]

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