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Jeff Beck At The Depot Salt Lake City Concert Review

Jeff Beck performed at The Depot in Salt Lake City on April 13, 2011. Here’s a review of that […]

Jeff Beck - Emotion and Commotion Review

Review of the Jeff Beck album Emotion & Commotion which features the songs Somewhere Over The Rainbow and Nessun […]

Jeff Beck - Les Paul Tribute 2010 Grammy Awards Video

Video of Jeff Beck and Imelda May performing How High The Moon at the 2010 Grammy […]

Beat The Fender Price Increase and Get Low Prices On A Jeff Beck Signature Stratocaster

Beat the Fender price increase and bring home a sweet Jeff Beck Signature Stratocaster from […]

Jeff Beck & Eric Clapton Playing Willie Dixon’s “You Need Love” Live At Ronnie Scott’s

Jeff Beck and Eric Clapton play their Stratocasters and trade solo licks on this incredible live […]

Jeff Beck Performing This Week: Live At Ronnie Scott’s – Released on Blu-Ray

Jeff Beck Live At Ronnie Scott’s was released on Blu-Ray today March 31, 2009. Get a copy of this amazing […]

Jeff Beck Video - Jeff Beck at Ronnie Scott's Jazz Club 2007 - Angel (Footsteps)

Live video of the great Jeff Beck performing the song ‘Angel (Footsteps)’ at Ronnie Scott’s Jazz club in […]

Jeff Beck – Where Were You (Live)

   Where Were You is my favorite Jeff Beck guitar instrumental. It’s from his Guitar Shop album and when I first heard it, I couldn’t believe how beautiful it was. The notes that he achieves on his Stratocaster are just unbelievable. I’ve tried to hit them and I have had some success but not like the great Jeff […]

My Favorite Guitarist, Jeff Beck, Plays ‘A Day In The Life’

Jeff Beck

     People always ask me who my favorite guitar player is. Well my favorite guitar player is Jeff Beck and he’s been my favorite since I was a teenager. He is a supreme musician both live and in the studio. I just love the way he gets so much expression out of […]

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