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January 2020
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The Hairbrush Chronicles Part 4 - My First Live Performance

Alisha Sabin continues her story of getting the chance to sing with her first live […]

The Hairbrush Chronicles - Part 3 Getting A Chance With A Band

Alisha gets her first chance to sing at practice with the live rock band, Bonne […]

The Hairbrush Chronicles - Part 2 Lighting The Fire

In part 2, Alisha Sabin continues her story of wanting to sing in a live band and chasing her […]

The Hairbrush Chronicles - Part 1 The Dream Of Playing In A Live Band

Alisha Sabin talks about the childhood dream of being a singer in a live […]

Finding Roadies For Your Band

How to find roadies to help you move equipment and make your live show happen for your live […]

To Make Your Live Band Better Schedule Gigs

The best way to improve your live band is to schedule a gig and get out and […]

Live Musician Central Second Anniversary

Live Musician Central celebrates it’s second anniversary. Here are some statistics from our first two […]

Why A Live Band Is Better Than A DJ

I believe a live band is far better than a DJ because of the overall experience of a great live […]

Week Before Gig Preparation

Suggestions for how to prepare your live band the final week before your […]

Band Members Must Have Common Goals

Every member of your live band should share some basic, common […]

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