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August 2018
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The Tielman Brothers – Rollin’ Rock (live 1960)

The Tielman Brothers from Indonesia play some serious Rock-N-Roll in this live video performance of “Rollin’ Rock” from […]

The Who’s John Entwistle – Bass Solo

The Who’s John Entwistle plays a thundering bass solo in this […]

Dream Theater’s Jordan Rudess Keyboard Solo

Amazing keyboard solo by Dream Theater’s Jordan […]

Should I Get Guitar Lessons?

Matt Plays Guitar Like A Keyboard

   I get asked this question all the time “Should I get guitar lessons?” and it’s a question that’s quite tricky to answer. As soon as people find out that I’m a performing live musician they ask if I had music lessons. The reason these questions are tricky is […]

How To Learn A Cover Song To Play In A Live Band

Should I Stay Or Should I Go – The Clash

   One of the greatest challenges I’ve had as a live musician is learning new songs to play live with my band. I don’t know why I’ve struggled with it because I’ve been playing other people’s songs for as long as I’ve been playing music. Think […]

How To Do A Band Rhythm Check

Red Hot Chili Peppers Catch The Groove

   One of the things that will be an ongoing quest for your live band is your ability to play consistently in the groove. What is a groove? That’s when your band locks into a certain rhythm which defines the overall feel of the song. There’s a rock groove, […]

My Favorite Guitarist, Jeff Beck, Plays ‘A Day In The Life’

Jeff Beck

     People always ask me who my favorite guitar player is. Well my favorite guitar player is Jeff Beck and he’s been my favorite since I was a teenager. He is a supreme musician both live and in the studio. I just love the way he gets so much expression out of his […]

Getting Along Is More Important Than Musicianship

In Stereo Gets Along

   That’s right, getting along is more important than musicianship. This is band chemistry 101 for all you live musicians out there. I’ve played with some of the most incredible musicians I’ve ever heard and I’ve also seen them not able to function in a band for more than a year. […]

Stevie Ray Vaughan Interview And Guitar Lesson

Stevie Ray Vaughan

   Stevie Ray Vaughan is a legendary live musician. His live performance was simply amazing and he was very much at home on the stage. In this video clip Stevie talks about his playing and you get to sit back and enjoy him riffing away on his Fender Stratocaster. The camera stays […]

Have Fun At Band Practice

Bill Says – I LOVE practice!

   When I was just starting to play in rock bands and learning how to be a good live musician, I absolutely loved band practice. Hanging out with the guys and learning how to play together as a band was such a great rush. We’d play and talk about […]

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