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February 2020
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The Hairbrush Chronicles Part 4 - My First Live Performance

Alisha Sabin continues her story of getting the chance to sing with her first live […]

The Hairbrush Chronicles - Part 3 Getting A Chance With A Band

Alisha gets her first chance to sing at practice with the live rock band, Bonne […]

The Hairbrush Chronicles - Part 2 Lighting The Fire

In part 2, Alisha Sabin continues her story of wanting to sing in a live band and chasing her […]

The Hairbrush Chronicles - Part 1 The Dream Of Playing In A Live Band

Alisha Sabin talks about the childhood dream of being a singer in a live […]

Having A Vocal Only Rehearsal With Your Band

If you want your band to sound it’s best, have a dedicated Vocals only band […]

Expand Your Vocal Chops By Cross-Training Your Voice

Cross-Train your voice by donating your time to your local choir. It will help you increase your skills as a singer and a […]

The Good Singers Vs. Bad Singers Debate

Trying to label something as unique as the human voice as either “Bad” or “Good” is a very difficult thing to […]

Some Tips For Memorizing Song Lyrics

Memorizing song lyrics for your live performance is easy if you follow these simple […]

Amazing Singers Paul Potts and Connie Talbot from Britains Got Talent

Two amazing singers emerged from the 2007 season of Britains Got Talent. Paul Potts and Connie […]

Make Singing Practice Fun With SingStar The Video Game

SingStar the video game is an excellent way to practice your singing as well as your live […]

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