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January 2020
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Sunday Funnies - Bohemian Rhapsody Performed By Hayseed Dixie

A funny video spoof of the Queen song Bohemian Rhapsody as performed by Hayseed […]

Sunday Funnies - Steve Martin King Tut

Steve Martin performs his original song King Tut on Saturday Night […]

Sunday Funnies - The Assumption Song

A funny song with somewhat misleading although pretty much non-explicit […]

Sunday Funnies - Sesame Street Ladybug Picnic

Ladybug Picnic is a classic Sesame Street counting song with an extremely catchy […]

Sunday Funnies - Bikini Girls And Spectacles

It doesn’t matter how good you smell if you look like a […]

Sunday Funnies - Annoying Orange Harasses Leprechaun

The Annoying Orange seriously annoys a Leprechaun in this funny clip called Luck o’ the […]

Sunday Funnies - Ras Trent SNL

Andy Samberg is Ras Trent in this hilarious music video featured on Saturday Night […]

Sunday Funnies - Total Eclipse Of The Heart: Literal Video Version

Bonnie Tyler’s hit song Total Eclipse Of The Heart with lyrics that literally tell the story of what’s happening in the […]

Sunday Funnies - Throw It On The Ground SNL

   This week I’m putting up a video clip from Saturday Night Live. This is an Andy Samberg doing a little rap song called “Throw It On The Ground”. I think his view of what should be thrown on the ground is a little twisted in this one, but of course that’s what makes it […]

Sunday Funnies - Monty Python Lumberjack Song

Video of the Lumberjack Song by the Monty Python […]

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