Rock Band And Guitar Hero Tab Songbook by Hal Leonard

   My kids and I play Rock Band 1 and Rock Band 2 on our Playstation 3 relentlessly. There has been a really good side effect to playing these video games. My kids have become extremely interested in playing the real instruments that they’re emulating in the game. They’ve also gotten very interested in becoming performing live musicians.  They are learning to play the songs that we play along with in Rock Band on the actual instruments because they are familiar with the arrangements that they focus on during gameplay. It’s really great how they’re going from gameplay to working on their musicianship.

   Today I’m going to point you to some excellent guitar tablature books published by Hal Leonard that have the songs from Rock Band and Guitar Hero in them. These books are very well written and the tablature is very accurate. Not only do you get the tablature but you get the regular staff and rhythm slash notations as well. The Guitar Hero guitar tab book has songs from Guitar Hero 1 and 2. There’s a Guitar Hero 3 tab book as well. For Rock Band you can also get the Bass Tab Book! If you follow the links below you can see the songlists presented in each of the books. These tab books would make fantastic Christmas presents for the Rock Band and Guitar Hero gamers in your family.

  These books will help you learn how to play the songs from Rock Band and Guitar Hero for real. That way, when you tell people “I play that song on guitar…”, you won’t be talking about a plastic toy guitar.

Hal Leonard Rock Band Guitar Tab Songbook -  Songs from MTV's Video Game Hal Leonard Rock Band Guitar Tab Songbook – Songs from MTV’s Video GameSongs from MTV’s Video Game ROCK BAND If you love the popular MTV video game Rock Band, but you want to know how to play your favorite songs for real, this book is for you! This is an exciting way to learn 25 legendary songs from the hot video game! This is a guitar tablature songbook that makes learning easy and fun!

Hal Leonard Rock Band Bass Tab Songbook Hal Leonard Rock Band Bass Tab SongbookThis collection contains 25 note-for-note bass tablature transcriptions for the songs of the super-hot Rock Band video game.

Hal Leonard Guitar Hero Tab Songbook Hal Leonard Guitar Hero Tab SongbookHal Leonard is proud to present the one and only sanctioned songbook for Guitar Hero, the wildly popular video game phenomenon. The book features notes and guitar tab for 40 hit songs from Guitar Hero 1 and 2, plus cool character artwork. Includes: Bark at the Moon • Carry On Wayward Son • Cherry Pie • Crazy on You • Frankenstein • Free Bird • Godzilla • Higher Ground • Iron Man • Jessica • More Than a Feeling • Monkey Wrench • Rock This Town • Sharp Dressed Man • Smoke on the Water • Strutter • Sweet Child o’ Mine • Texas Flood • Ziggy Stardust • and dozens more tunes familiar to the millions who love this game!

Hal Leonard Guitar Hero 3 Guitar Tab Songbook Hal Leonard Guitar Hero 3 Guitar Tab SongbookThe official tab book for the third installment of the wildly popular Guitar Hero features notes and guitar tablature for 36 hits, including “Barracuda,” “The Devil Went Down to Georgia,” “Paint It Black,” “Rock You Like a Hurricane,” and more.

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