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Matrix MR-500 Quartz Metronome
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   If you want to get stronger, faster and more accurate on your instrument then there’s no substitute for practicing with a metronome. Metronome’s are perfect for building up the muscles in your hands. Today I want to turn you on to the free online metronome at

   Metronome Online works just like a metronome that you’d buy at a music store. Except it’s onine and it’s free! The tempo is variable from 40-208 BPM. It also has an included A440 note to tune your instrument with.

   If I’m sitting at my computer and I just have a couple minutes to practice I’ll bring up the online metronome and practice a few scales. If I’m learning a tricky guitar solo or a complicated scale I’ll set the metronome to a speed that’s slow enough for me to get the guitar part correct every time. Then I’ll slowly speed the metronome up until I’m at full speed.

   If you want to improve your musical feel and your ability to play in a groove then check out my article on Practicing To A Beat, Not A Metronome. But if you just want to rip on some scales or are learning some tricky instrument parts then the Metronome Online is quick and easy. If you’d like to buy a real metronome, check the link below.

Matrix MR-500 Quartz Metronome Standard Matrix MR-500 Quartz Metronome StandardAn incredibly affordable metronome that features easy-to-set accuracy with adjustable tempos from 40-208 beats per minute and an A440Hz (standard “A”) frequency tone generator. Has a built-in stand and includes personal earphone.

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