Peace Of Mind With Musician’s Friend 45 Day Low Price Guarantee

If you find a lower price on a purchase from Musician’s Friend anywhere else within 45 days, Musician’s Friend will refund you the difference in the price.

45/45 Guarantee at

It’s that time of year between Christmas and New Years where the prices on new music equipment really start to come down. As any live musician knows, it’s also the time of year to buy any miscellaneous equipment that you want to claim on your taxes for 2008. So if you’re low on strings or you want to purchase a new Fender Stratocaster, now is the perfect time to do that because you can write them off on your tax return in a month or so. That being said, some really great price drops will happen all through January as well as the retailers and online merchants will really be working to get your business. That’s where the Musician’s Friend 45 day low price guarantee really come into play.       

   What is the Musician’s Friend 45 day low price guarantee you ask? Musician’s Friend guarantees to beat any price you can find on the exact same piece of equipment that you buy from them for 45 days AFTER you make the purchase. That means you can buy that guitar you’ve been wanting before the end of 2008 and if you find it on sale anywhere else for a lower price, Musician’s Friend will refund the difference. This goes for anything that you buy at Musician’s Friend. It’s great piece of mind as you can get your purchase ordered and on it’s way while still shopping for the lowest price. Once you find the lowest price, simply contact Musician’s Friend by phone or email and they will refund you the difference in the prices after they verify the price is on the same piece of equipment you purchased from them. It’s a great way to have piece of mind as you know prices will be falling through January. You don’t even have to worry about buyers remorse as there’s also a 45-Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on your purchase as well. If you buy something and you decide you don’t like it, want it, or can’t really afford it then simply return it for a full refund. 

   Just click on the banner below to start shopping and take advantage of these excellent guarantees!

45/45 Guarantee at

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