Sunday Funnies – John Petrucci With Sterling Ball Doing Guitar Center Session

Sterling Ball trades licks with John Petrucci at Guitar Center. Maybe not a great idea.

¬† This week on Live Musician Central¬†Sunday Funnies I found this clip from the Guitar Center Sessions. Guitar Center brings in world class guitarists and they get them up there with an interviewer, or sidekick and have them put on a demo of their particular instrument showing off their guitar technique. This clip features John Petrucci, the guitarist from Dream Theater who is truly a master of the instrument. He is demo’ing his custom Music Man guitar made by the Ernie Ball company. Up there on stage with him is Sterling Ball, who is the president and CEO of Ernie Ball. Now, Sterling is not a bad guitar player but I don’t think he realizes the caliber of guitarist that John Petrucci is. Most guitarists wouldn’t dare get up there and try to trade licks with John Petrucci. So it’s hilarious to watch Sterling Ball trying to do and say things that are relevant to what John is doing. I think it’s funny because it really comes off as a big sales pitch to buy Music Man guitars. I got some good laughs at Sterling’s expense. In all fairness, Sterling Ball runs a fantastic company with excellent products, but he may want to think twice about trading guitar licks with John Petrucci.

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