Joe Satriani – Flying In A Blue Dream (Live In San Francisco)

Live video of Joe Satriani playing ‘Flying In A Blue Dream’ from the “Live In San Francisco” concert.

   What can I say about the amazing Joe Satriani. He is truly a guitar god and one of the finest live guitarists on the planet. This video clip is from his excellent live concert DVD “Live In San Francisco” which also features bass god Stuart Hamm.

   This song, Flying In A Blue Dream, is the first song off the album of the same name. Flying In A Blue Dream is an album that changed my entire approach to the guitar and this song kicked off that album. I’ve always loved it and in this video clip, Joe is in his finest form. I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I did.    Continue reading “Joe Satriani – Flying In A Blue Dream (Live In San Francisco)”