Get $100 Rebates On Fender American Standard Guitars And Basses

Get a $100 rebate on Fender American Standard series guitars and basses!

   Here’s a great deal for all you guitarists and bassists out there who are working hard to earn some cash in your live band. Fender is offering a $100 rebate on their American Standard guitars and basses. So if you’re looking for a Stratocaster, Telecaster, Precision Bass or Jazz Bass then now’s a very good time to save yourself $100. All you have to do is download the rebate form and get shopping.

   Where can you find the rebate form you ask? Just click on any of the links below and you will have the option to print out the rebate form for these excellent guitars and basses.     Continue reading “Get $100 Rebates On Fender American Standard Guitars And Basses”