Chickenfoot – “Oh Yeah” Music Video

The first music video from the Chickenfoot album. The song is called “Oh Yeah”.

   I’ve been enjoying the Chickenfoot album more and more now that I’ve listened to it a few times. I did a Chickenfoot album review when the album came out and I’ve decided that it’s actually quite good. It’s just good to hear a group of great musicians that you know will make all of us that play in a live band proud when they get onstage. There’s nothing canned about good, hard Rock-N-Roll.

   Today I’m posting up the first music video from the Chickenfoot album. This song is titled “Oh Yeah” and has some good Led Zeppelin type vibes to it. That could be because the Chickenfoot album was produced by legendary producer Andy Johns who also produced Led Zeppelin albums.

   This is a pretty basic music video but it shows the band having a good time and the audio quality is excellent!     Continue reading “Chickenfoot – “Oh Yeah” Music Video”