Sunday Funnies – Wedding Dance Fail Video

This video could be funny or terribly tragic depending on your point of view.

   Okay, I don’t know if this video is funny or terribly tragic. The reason I’m posting it up on Live Musician Central is because the song the band is playing seems so wildly out of place at a wedding. I do have to admit I laughed pretty hard when the stupid girl in the red dress causes catastrophe but I did feel sorry for the poor bride at the end. So like I said, the vid is a mixed bag.

   I really want to know though, why is the girl in red dress so out of control? Is it the song driving her wild? I doubt it. Is it excess alcohol? Possibly. Is it sheer jealousy induced craziness becuse her best friend just got married? Most likely!   Continue reading “Sunday Funnies – Wedding Dance Fail Video”