Sunday Funnies – David Lee Roth Runnin’ With The Devil Vocal Clips

David Lee Roth vocal track clips from Runnin’ With The Devil.

David Lee Roth - The Devil
David Lee Roth - The Devil

   Ahhhh yeah! Runnin’ With The Devil is seriously classic Van Halen. Now you can enjoy all the ohhh’s, uhhhgh, whistles and whooohooo’s right at your own computer. That’s right, somebody got ahold of the solo vocal track from the Van Halen song, Runnin’ With The Devil and turned the best parts into flash enabled sound clips. You gotta play it to believe it. I think that David Lee Roth isn’t just runnin’ with the devil, after hearing these clips I think he just may be the devil!

   You gotta check out the David Lee Roth solo vocal track clips.

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