Download Free Fender Cyber-Twin SE Preset Patch – LMC Hi-Gain ’66

Download a free Fender Cyber-Twin SE Amplifier sound patch preset titled LMC Hi-Gain ’66. Killer distortion, killer sustain!


Fender Cyber-Twin SE Amplifier
Fender Cyber-Twin SE Amplifier

   Today on Live Musician Central I’m posting another of my custom programmed Fender Cyber-Twin SE preset patches. This patch is called LMC Hi-Gain ’66. Who doesn’t love the sound of a maxed out Fender Blackface amplifier? How about a maxed out Fender Blackface amplifier pushed even harder by a maxed out Overdrive? Well that’s what you get with this sound patch. It’s a fully cranked up Super Reverb ’66 pushed to the limit with the added overdrive.


   This can be a very noisy preset patch because the signal is being pushed so hard but it is bearable while you’re playing. It’s sound patches like this one that make me wish the noise gate on the Cyber-Twin SE would close 100% to silence so the amp would get silent when you’re not playing. It’s okay though because when you’re playing in front of an audience the noise isn’t that bad and once you do start playing it’s such a thick sound that the noise floor disappears. This is also a very difficult sound patch to control with your guitar. You need to be good with palm muting and the volume knob to keep the guitar feedback under control. I have assigned the Continuous Controller pedal to control the amplifier gain to help you tame the sound down if you need to.

   I use LMC Hi-Gain ’66 for some classic metal songs such as the Poison song “Nothing But A Good Time”. I also use LMC Hi-Gain ’66 for high speed touch soloing and tapped solos since it makes the amplifier so sensitive to every little touch on the strings. I have assigned the Expression Pedal to control the Overdrive Bass frequencies so you can back them down and make this sound cut through the mix even harder than it does. LMC Hi-Gain ’66 is a sound that has limited application but can be invaluable when you need something that can really push the guitar to the limit in the mix.

   I played the sound demo on my Fender American Deluxe Ash Stratocaster which is equipped with Samarium Cobalt Noiseless pickups. I am using the bridge pickup for the entire soundclip. In the sound clip I played a little Poison, a little Queen and one of my original tapping excursions that I’m sure I plagiarized from somewhere. At the end of the clip I hit a harmonic at the third fret on the G-string to demonstrate how well this sound patch will pick up quieter sounds.

   I am posting the MIDI System Exclusive Data for this sound patch for easy transferring to your Fender Cyber-Twin SE amplifier. If you don’t know how to use MIDI System Exclusive Data then read my tutorial titled How To Save And Load Presets To Your Fender Cyber-Twin SE. Make sure you check out my main Fender Cyber-Twin Preset Patch Download Page for more of my custom programmed patches. 

LMC Hi-Gain ’66

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Click the link ->Download LMC Hi-Gain ’66 MIDI Sysex

Click the link ->Download LMC Hi-Gain ’66 Text Format

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