Weekend Set List For Your Live Band To Play 7-4-09 – Patriotic 1

Download this set list for your live band to play at all the great parties around America’s Independance Day.

   Every weekend I feature a set list for your live band to learn and play at gigs. You don’t have to learn all of these songs but it’s a good source for putting together specific types of set lists. At the end of each Weekend Set List I will put the genre that the set list falls into. This week the genre is “Patriotic” in celebration of our nations Independance Day.

   These songs are all proven in clubs to get people dancing and showing some love for the good old U.S.A. so play them loud and proud! It’s a good idea to have all these songs on your iPod or other portable music player so you can at least play them while your band is taking a break.

   I’m featuring download from Amazon.com MP3 service since they sound better than iTunes and they cost 33% less than iTunes. You can play Amazon.com MP3’s on any MP3 player including iPods and iPhones. They are also DRM free so you can put them on multiple players.

Author: Live Musician Central

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