Sunday Funnies – Stupid Alien Let’s Fan Slaughter Iron Man On The Guitar

The Stupid Alien, a New York City street performer, lets a passerby play his guitar in this live video clip.

   The Stupid Alien is a New York City street performer who has some serious skills on the electric guitar. In this video clip he let’s a passerby take his guitar to play “Iron Man” by Black Sabbath. The guest guitarist proceeds to suck big time on his rendition of the song.

   I think it’s pretty cool of The Stupid Alien to surrender his axe to a wannabe guitarist so kudos to Stupid Alien. As for the guy destroying “Iron Man”, dude, if you suck that badly then don’t borrow a guys guitar to show him how horrible you are! Just say, “Yeah, I play a little!” and just walk away.   

   It’s funny how The Stupid Alien dances and gives the guy support for at least trying to play the song. It’s really funny when Stupid Alien starts to get tired of it. I also like how The Stupid Alien just lays into his guitar when the guy finally gives it back to him.

The Stupid Alien lets a fan play his guitar

Author: Live Musician Central

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