A Bridge Pin Puller Is A Perfect Acoustic Guitar Gift Accessory

A bridge pin puller is an excellent gift to go along with that brand new acoustic guitar.

Dunlop Bridge Pin Puller - Bottle Opener
Dunlop Bridge Pin Puller - Bottle Opener

  I’m sure a lot of you are asking for or giving an acoustic guitar as a gift for Christmas this year. I still remember when I was 13 years old and I got my very first acoustic guitar. I loved it and it brought a whole new dimension in music to my life. Getting my acoustic guitar as a Christmas present was literally what launched my career as a musician playing in live bands.

   I remember learning how to play on that acoustic guitar and playing it until I broke a string. That brought me to my first string change on an acoustic guitar. Let me tell you, it was a learning experience and I learned a hard lesson. Acoustic guitar bridge pins are a real pain in ass to get out of the bridge! Naturally I grabbed a flat blade screwdriver and began prying against my beautiful wood bridge mount which I immediately chipped by prying on it.  

   I eventually got all the pins out and the strings changed but the damage to the wood on the bridge was permanent. As I said, it was a hard lesson to learn so I got down to the local music store and found out all about bridge pin pullers. I had no idea such a simple device could save so much hassle when it came to changing strings on my acoustic guitar.

   Today I am suggesting the Dunlop Bridge Pin Puller as a gift to go along with that new acoustic guitar. It’s very inexpensive at $4.99 and it will save your acoustic guitarist from extreme frustration while pulling bridge pins. More importantly it will prevent damage to the bridge of that brand new acoustic guitar. The Dunlop Bridge Pin Puller also doubles as a bottle opener so you can enjoy a fresh bottle of your favorite beverage while safely pulling the bridge pins out of your guitar.

   Another thing I like about the Dunlop Bridge Pin Puller is the fact that you pull the pins straight up without any prying. The bridge pin pullers that are integrated into string winders still require you to pry on the bridge. That’s a bad thing because the possibility of bridge damage is still there. Just remember, when pulling bridge pins, any kind of prying is bad and that’s why I’m recommending the Dunlop bridge pin puller.

   The Dunlop Bridge Pin Puller/Bottle Opener is the perfect stocking stuffer. It’s an invaluable tool that will be appreciated every time your acoustic guitar player has to change their strings.

Dunlop Bridge Pin Puller/Bottle Opener Dunlop Bridge Pin Puller/Bottle OpenerThis patented Dunlop Bridge Pin Puller is ergonomically designed for an easy grip and eliminates any chance of damaging your bridge or pins. The direct pulling action is simple, efficient, and works on both 6- and 12-string guitars. The keychain hole keeps the pin puller handy and the heavy-duty steel and plastic construction ensures a lifetime of use. Pops the top off your favorite beverage, too.

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