B-52 Matrix 2000 Powered Speaker System With Subwoofer

Review of the B-52 Matrix 2000 Speaker system with powered subwoofer and powered satellite speakers.

B-52 Matrix 2000 Speaker System
B-52 Matrix 2000 Speaker System

As you know, it’s crucial for your live band to have the right equipment in order to play a gig. The most important thing you need when playing a gig is a good P.A. System. You can buy yourself a complete P.A. package or you can assemble a P.A. by it’s individual components. The three main components in a P.A. system are a mixer, amplifier and speakers. Today I’m going to talk about a speaker system that has it’s own built-in power amp, the B-52 Matrix 2000 Speaker Sound System.

There are a lot of advantages to buying the B-52 Matrix 2000 speaker sysem. One of the most overlooked pieces of equipment when assembling a P.A. system is the amplifier that powers the speakers. I’ve seen a lot of musicians who are just starting out purchase a very nice speaker package with a mixer and totally forget to buy a power amp for them. That’s why it’s so nice to have the amplifier that powers the speakers built right into the speaker system itself.  

Another thing I really like about the B-52 Matrix 2000 is the fact that it includes an 18″ subwoofer. Since bass frequencies are sent in mono, you really only need one subwoofer and having a big 18″ subwoofer really makes the low end thump. The subwoofer on the B-52 system also houses the power amp and crossover that feed the two satellite speakers. Needless to say, this makes the subwoofer very heavy. Luckily, casters are included and mounted to the subwoofer/amplifier making it easy to roll around. That makes moving the system a whole lot easier.

The satellite speakers are each loaded with a 12″ woofer and a constant directivity horn. They are well matched to the subwoofer with the crossover tuned primarily for live band music. I have seen DJ’s using this system as well and it sounds very good with full rich bass and good clear highs. The power total is 1200 watts with 6oo watts powering the subwoofer and 300 watts powering each individual speaker. That’s a lot of power and is more than enough to fill small to medium sized venues.

The system comes with zippered covers for each piece of the system which is nice for hauling and keeping the dust off everything while you are storing it. The casters make hauling the entire system easy as you can stack the satellite speakers face-down on the subwoofer and roll the whole thing wherever you need to go at the gig.

This is a very nice, complete speaker package that will have your band sounding it’s best. You’ll really appreciate all the nice low-end that the subwoofer puts out and the fact that you don’t have to haul around a separate amplifier rack to power everything. Pick up a B-52 Matrix 2000 Powered Speaker System today!

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Author: Live Musician Central

My name is Matt Rushton. I have been playing in bands for 27 years. I've been playing professionally for 21 years. I have opened for Sheryl Crow, Barenaked Ladies, Joan Jett, Little River Band, and Quiet Riot.

9 thoughts on “B-52 Matrix 2000 Powered Speaker System With Subwoofer”

  1. I have this system used for DJ setup, I must say that I truly love it…pushes alot of power. since buying this setup, I also have my previous speakers, and Im wondering can this system handle hookup from my other speakers? My previous speakers are 15 inch, 800ohm with 1/4 inch input.
    If they can be hooked up, how would I do it and what would I need? I tried hooking it up, but I noticed the only source is male output. and when I tried to use it, there was a lot of loud humming. Please advise.

  2. Joann, the only way to hook your other speakers up to use with the Matrix-2000 system is to use the XLR full-range outputs on the back of the Matrix-2000 amplifier. They are un-amplified outputs so you will need to send them to another power-amp and power your other speakers with the second power amp. The Matrix-2000 system will only power one pair of speakers at a time.

    If you have done this and you’re getting a lot of hum you can try engaging the ground-lift switch on the Matrix-2000 system. Hope this helps. -Matt-

  3. A few years ago I bought the Matrix 1000… LOVED IT! So I bought another one to double my output. Again, LOVED IT!!! I figured, what the heck and bought 2 Matrix 2000’s and OMG the sound is so totally amazing!! Check this out… I had an outdoor gig with my band (I know most ppl use these systems for DJ use), I brought the 1000’s and the 2000’s and connected them all together (daisy chained I guess is the term)… well to make a long story short, I made an extra $3500 from the fairgrounds because they rented them for the rest of the week for the other bands! Anyway, I am super impressed with these systems. The only gripe I have is this…. I can’t find fuses for them?!? I blew a fuse on one of the 1000’s (luckily they ship with 1 extra). I wanted to stock up on them and I could not find them anywhere! Other than that on a scale from 1-10… I’ll give it a 10 for sure (if you count the fuse issue it drops to a 9 and 3/4). BTW: I’m still looking for a place that sells the fuses for both the 1000’s and 2000’s… wish me luck.

  4. Keith, thanks for the excellent comment on the speakers! For fuses I found a local electronics specialty shop that carries wholesale electronic supplies and components to repair houses. They had the fuses for the Matrix 2000. You may want to search for wholesale electronic suppliers in your area. -Matt-

  5. One of my best investments, Matrix 1000. I’ve had this system for 6 years. It has not once let me down. It sounds as good as it did when I purchase the system. I use my Matrix 1000 for DJing purposes. I am fixing to purchase the Matrix 2000 in a few months.

  6. I never heard of the Matrix system until about 5 months ago. I found a local Craigslist ad with the 1000 sub only for sale for $200. I bought it and was floored that it had three amps. My journey began to find a complete set. I bought two more 1000’s ($500 & $350). One being the V2. Then I found a 2000 sub only for $275. Now I’m trying to buy a complete 2000 for $300. Yes $300! It’s in Maine and I’m in North Carolina, trying to find shipping. My plan is to do like Keith (recent post) to run 4 subs(2-18’s & 2-15’s) and 4 12″ loudspeakers.

    I will have less in all those than a QSC KW or JBL PRX system. I’m trying to buy all the Matrix here in NC, lol.

  7. i have a powered mixer board already before acquiring Matrix 2000 can I connect with my matrix 2000 for use without any interferences.

  8. Hello, everyone. I’m looking to buy one if anybody has it. Wanna try or out.
    3 set.

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