Turn Your iPhone, iPod Or iPad Into A Guitar Amplifier

You can easily turn your iPad, iPod or iPhone into a guitar amplifier using the iRig interface from IK Multimedia and the Amplitube App.

iRig for iPhone, iPod and iPad
iRig for iPhone, iPod and iPad

   I’m always looking out for tools to help me practice or to help me out in my live band.  One of the coolest things I’ve seen lately is the new Amplitube offering from IK Multimedia for the Apple iPhone, iPod and iPad. In a nutshell it will give you the ablility to plug your guitar into your iPhone, iPod or iPad and use it as a guitar amplifier. You’ll be able to make your guitar sound like a multitude of famous guitar amplifiers.

   If you’re unfamiliar with Amplitube it’s basically a software based guitar amplifier simulation that takes your guitar signal and processes it to sound like one of many different famous guitar amplifiers. Your guitar will sound like it’s being played through a Fender blackface amplifier and with the press of a button your guitar can sound like it’s being played through a full Marshall stack. You’ll get bluesy tones, metal tones, country tones and jazz tones using Amplitube’s guitar processing.   

   IK Multimedia has released an iTunes App featuring Amplitube that you can run on either your iPhone, iPod or iPad turning it into a guitar signal processor. The only additional piece of hardware you’ll need is the Ik Multimedia iRig audio interface adapter so you can plug your guitar into your Apple device. That’s it, with just the App from the iStore and the iRig adapter you’ll be able to use your iPhone, iPod or iPad as a guitar amplifier!

   This App is incredibly full featured and has a lot to offer any guitarist. For practicing your guitar it has a speed trainer which allows you to speed up or slow down imported songs from %50-%200 without affecting the pitch of the song. It’s a great way to learn how to play tough guitar parts and solo’s. You can also import backing tracks for you to play along with on your guitar. The Amplitube app is filled with excellent guitar effects as well such as Chorus, Delay, Compression and Distortion. You are free to mix and match effects and amplifiers at will to create your own custom sounds.

   There is also a built-in single track recorder for recording your musical ideas. You can also buy an add-in app that will give you a full featured 8-track recorder as well. You can use the iRig interface to record vocals as well as guitar using Amplitube as an effects processor.

   So, if you’ve been searching for an excellent way to make practicing your guitar more enjoyable then the iRig and Amplitube app may be perfect for you! In a pinch at a live gig, you could probably make it through a gig with just your iPhone if your amplifier dies. It would be incredibly handy to have an iRig interface and Amplitube along for emergencies at any live show.

IK Multimedia iRig - Audio Interface Adapater for iPhone, iPod, iPad IK Multimedia iRig – Audio Interface Adapater for iPhone, iPod, iPadThe IK Multimedia AmpliTube iRig combines an easy-to-use instrument interface adapter with guitar and bass tone software for your favorite Apple mobile device. With AmpliTube iRig, you can plug your guitar into your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad and jam anywhere with top-notch guitar and bass tone right in the palm of your hand. Plug iRig into your mobile device; plug in your instrument; add headphones, amp or powered speakers; install the AmpliTube app; and start rocking.The IK Multimedia iRig is the ideal companion not only to the mobile AmpliTube app, but it also works with any other recording, processing, or tuning app. Plus, you can also use the iRig adapter with line level signal sources such as synthesizers, keyboards, or mixers.AmpliTube for iPhone At the core of the AmpliTube iRig System is AmpliTube—a leader in gear modeling software for professional recording studios. AmpliTube for iPhone gives you the same incredible ultra-realistic sound and modeling accuracy of its Mac/PC applications in a convenient mobile platform app.With AmpliTube for iPhone, you’ll have an entire guitar/bass rig at your fingertips, comprised of 3 recombinable simultaneous stompbox effects, an amp-head plus cabinet and a microphone. With AmpliTube for iPhone fully loaded, you will be able to choose between 5 amps (clean, crunch, lead, metal, bass) with full controls, 10 stompbox effects (delay, flanger, phaser, overdrive, distortion, filter, wah, fuzz, octaver, chorus), 5 cabinets and 2 microphones (dynamic and condenser).Plus, AmpliTube for iPhone features a chromatic digital tuner and a metronome. You can also import and play with songs or backing tracks with realtime effects; and create, save and recall up to 36 presets on the fly.

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