Introducing Douglas White – Guitarist and Live Musician

Get to know a little bit about Doug White in his first article for Live Musician Central.

Writing and working on content for Live Musician Central has been an invaluable resource for me when it comes to connecting with other live musicians. I have had many e-mails and comments from readers regarding my posts as well as inquiries about my Fender Cyber-Twin SE sound patches. I’m fairly well known in Utah but I have been able to connect with musicians outside of Utah because of Live Musician Central. Today I would like to introduce our latest contributing author, Mr. Douglas White from Brick, New Jersey. I met Doug because of his interest in the Fender Cyber-Twin SE sound patches that I posted on Live Musician Central. I’m looking forward to having Doug contribute to Live Musician Central. For his first authored post Doug will tell you a little bit about himself and his career as a live performing musician. -Matt-

Doug White Guitar Player
Douglas White Performing Live


Douglas White

Brick, New Jersey

Guitar Player
How long have you been playing?

I originally started playing when I was around 14 years old. I was young with a passion for music in the 70’s and I knew that the girls just loved a guy who played music. These were the two biggest drivers for me. My best friend, who lived three doors down from me, was a guitar player and was very good. He suggested that I take up playing and learning bass guitar so that we could get something going. We searched the music stores looking for a good deal and then trying to find a way to pay for it. From the time I was 12, I had a paper route. This is probably a foreign concept to many young people today, but back in the day, we would have the local newspaper to deliver to peoples’ homes to try and earn money. It wasn’t much by today’s standards, but back then it seemed like a lot.    Continue reading “Introducing Douglas White – Guitarist and Live Musician”

In Memoriam – Amy Winehouse September 14, 1983 – July 24, 2011

Amy Winehouse was found dead at her London home on July 23, 2011. A tragic loss for the musician community.

Amy Winehouse Dead At 27
Amy Winehouse Dead At 27

   Amy Winehouse was found dead Saturday July 23, 2011 at her London home at the tender age of 27. It’s always a sad thing when a talented musician has their life cut tragically short. It’s a stark contrast writing this memoriam compared to a musician who had a full, rich life like Clarence Clemons.   Continue reading “In Memoriam – Amy Winehouse September 14, 1983 – July 24, 2011”

In Memoriam – Clarence Clemons January 11, 1942 – June 18, 2011

Clarenece Clemons passed away at the age of 69 leaving a long musical legacy of unique and strong saxophone playing.

Clarence Clemons and Bruce Springsteen
Clarence Clemons and Bruce Springsteen Performe Live

   One of the best saxophone players in rock-n-roll passed away on June 18, 2011 from complications related to the stroke he suffered the week before. Clarence Clemons was 69 years old and spent 40 of those years playing alongside Bruce Springsteen in the E Street Band. Clarence brought the soul to the live performances and recordings of the E Street Band and he made them one of the most exciting live bands of the past four decades.   Continue reading “In Memoriam – Clarence Clemons January 11, 1942 – June 18, 2011”

Highway 6 Releases Love Songs To The Desert On iTunes

Live Musician Central author Matt Rushton plays guitar on the new Highway 6 album Love Songs To The Desert.

Highway 6 at the 9th and 9th festival
Heidi Nedreberg, Matt Rushton and Tom Nedreberg in Highway 6

   I play in multiple live bands as well as record with these bands in the studio. One band I’m involved with is named Highway 6 and is headed up by my good friends Tom and Heidi Nedreberg. They are a Father-Daughter team who write and perform their own original music. I’ve been playing with Tom in various bands for the past 20 years or so. This past year they’ve recorded their debut album, Love Songs To The Desert.    Continue reading “Highway 6 Releases Love Songs To The Desert On iTunes”

Jeff Beck – Les Paul Tribute 2010 Grammy Awards Video

Video of Jeff Beck and Imelda May performing How High The Moon at the 2010 Grammy Awards.

  In my review of the 2010 Grammy Awards I talked about an excellent live performance by Jeff Beck and Imelda May.  Here is the video of Jeff Beck and Imelda May performing the Les Paul/Mary Ford classic “How High The Moon” at the 2010 Grammy Awards. I really think it’s cool that Jeff picked up a Les Paul guitar to play this tribute since he is such a genius on the Fender Stratocaster. Jeff also does a great job copping some classic Les Paul licks during the song. Imelda May simply has a beautiful voice and she nails the vocal on this song.

   I do believe that Les Paul deserved about four times as much time for a tribute than he got on the Grammy’s. I don’t think the recording industry would be what it is today without Les Paul’s amazing innovations in recording technology as well as guitar craft. I hope you enjoy watching this performance as much as I did.   Continue reading “Jeff Beck – Les Paul Tribute 2010 Grammy Awards Video”

Excellent Stevie Ray Vaughan Interview 1985

   This is an interview with one of the greatest live musician’s to ever grace us with his playing. Today I’m posting up and interview Stevie did in 1985 just before the release of his third album “Soul To Soul” which was a platinum release in the United States and a Gold release in Canada. This interview was done by Peter Feniak for Lifetime TV in Canada.

   What I like about this interview is that the Mr. Feniak lets Stevie really be himself  while he’s interviewing him. It’s interesting to watch the interviewer relax and enjoy chatting with Stevie as the interview goes on. I’m sure part of it is Stevie’s gentle way of speaking and communicating in general. Stevie is very personable and the interviewer gets totally taken in by Stevie’s playing. Stevie plays some very excellent music during the interview and I’m sure all you guitarists and Stevie Ray Vaughan fans out there are going to love this video.   Continue reading “Excellent Stevie Ray Vaughan Interview 1985”

Neal Schon Plays Journey’s Lights On A Fender Stratocaster

Video of Neal Schon playing the Journey song “Lights” on the Fender Stratocaster.

   It’s well known that Journey’s Neal Schon plays primarily Gibson Les Paul guitars both in the studio and when the band plays live. Well, there’s one Journey song that you just can’t get the right tone on without a Fender Stratocaster. That song is “Lights”, so there you go all you Gibson Les Paul fans out there. Let’s face it, the Fender Stratocaster has a delicious, bluesy sounding neck pickup.

   In this video, Neal Schon is demonstrating his parts  on “Lights” while playing a Fender Stratocaster. It looks like he’s using an early 90’s Strat Plus with Lace Sensor pickups and a Floyd Rose double locking tremelo. What’s doubly cool in this video is the fact that he’s looping his rhythm part and playing lead over it. I don’t know if he does that live or not but it sure sounds cool here.    Continue reading “Neal Schon Plays Journey’s Lights On A Fender Stratocaster”

Band Aid – Do They Know It’s Christmas? (Video)

Video of the number one Christmas single by the supergroup Band Aid titled Do They Know It’s Christmas?

Merry Christmas


Live Musician Central

   It’s Christmas time again for 2009 and I’d like to wish everyone who’s been reading Live Musician Central a very merry Christmas. To celebrate, I’m posting the video to one of my favorite Christmas songs, titled “Do They Know It’s Christmas?”. This song was released in 1984 and was written by Bob Geldof and Midge Ure. The song featured many of the top Irish and British musicians of the decade and was released to raise money to help provide relief to those ravaged by the famine in Ethiopia.   Continue reading “Band Aid – Do They Know It’s Christmas? (Video)”

Phil Collins – Take Me Home (Live)

Live video performance of Phil Collins performing “Take Me Home” during his farewell tour.

   This excellent video of the legendary Phil Collins is from his farewell tour with this show being in Paris, France. I really like this clip because of the great drumming at the beginning of the songs. Phil is in fine vocal form and I really enjoy the fact that Phil has Father Time playing bass in his live band.     Continue reading “Phil Collins – Take Me Home (Live)”

Les Paul and Chet Atkins Perform “Caravan”

Les Paul and Chet Atkins perfom “Caravan” on the classic album titled Chester & Lester.

   I wanted to share some Les Paul music with you today to memorialize Les the best way there is, by listening to his music. This song is from the recording Les Paul did with Chet Atkins in 1975 and released in 1976, titled “Chester & Lester”. The song is called “Caravan” and was written by Duke Ellington, Irving Mills and Juan Tizol. The interplay between Chet and Lester is wonderful to listen to.   Continue reading “Les Paul and Chet Atkins Perform “Caravan””

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