Fender Cyber-Twin SE Amplifier Preset Downloads

Fender Cyber-Twin SE Front
The Fender Cyber-Twin SE
Hear these Cyber-Twin SE Presets in action on the "Fudgie The Dog" Concept Album
Hear these Cyber-Twin SE Presets in action on the “Fudgie The Dog” Concept Album

Welcome to the Fender Cyber-Twin SE guitar amplifier patch preset download page hosted by Live Musician Central. This page contains custom programmed patch presets to be used with the Fender Cyber-Twin SE guitar amplifier. If you want to hear a full recording of me playing my Cyber-Twin SE with my Jeff Beck Stratocaster just click the “Fudgie The Dog” picture above.

As time goes by I will add more presets to this page for you to download. I have posted the presets in MIDI System Exclusive (Sysex) format so you can transmit them to your amplifier with any MIDI software and interface that support MIDI System Exclusive data. I have created a “How To Save And Load Presets On Your Fender Cyber-Twin SE Amplifier” tutorial for anyone that does not know how to work with MIDI Sysex data. Feel free to link to this page from your website and let people know that there are some free Cyber-Twin SE presets to be had here. I have programmed these presets myself to use with my band. I use my Fender Cyber-Twin SE live as well as in my studio. It’s a fantastic amp with tons of flexibility. Here are some of my custom Cyber-Twin SE presets with the newest additions at the bottom. If you like them, leave me a comment at the bottom of the page.

Just click on links to download the MIDI Sysex data or the text version of the presets.

LMC Roar

Download: LMC Roar sysex

[flashvideo filename=http://livemusiciancentral.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/11/lmc-roar-demo.mp3 /]

Download: LMC Roar Text File

For more info about the LMC Roar preset patch: Click LMC Roar Preset Info

LMC Warm Rain

Download: LMC Warm Rain sysex

[flashvideo filename=http://livemusiciancentral.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/11/lmc-warm-rain.mp3 /]

Download: LMC Warm Rain Text File

For more info about the LMC Warm Rain preset patch: Click LMC Warm Rain Preset Info

LMC 80’s Rock

Download: LMC 80’s Rock sysex

[flashvideo filename=http://livemusiciancentral.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/12/lmc-80s-rock.mp3 /]

Download: LMC 80’s Rock Text File

For more info about the LMC 80’s Rock preset patch: Click LMC 80’s Rock Preset Info

LMC Hi-Gain Solo

Download:LMC Hi-Gain Solo MIDI Sysex

[flashvideo filename=http://livemusiciancentral.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/01/lmc-hi-gain-solo.mp3 /]

Download: LMC Hi-Gain Solo Text File

For more info about the LMC Hi-Gain Solo preset patch: Click LMC Hi-Gain Solo Preset Info

LMC Triple Delay

Download: LMC Triple Delay MIDI Sysex

[flashvideo filename=http://livemusiciancentral.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/01/lmc-triple-delay.mp3 /]

Download: LMC Triple Delay Text File

For more info about and to hear a full song using the LMC Triple Delay preset patch: Click LMC Triple Delay Preset Info

LMC Hi-Gain ’66

Download: LMC Hi-Gain ’66 MIDI Sysex

[flashvideo filename=http://livemusiciancentral.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/02/lmc-hi-gain-66.mp3 /]

Download: LMC Hi-Gain ’66 Text File

For more info about the LMC Hi-Gain ’66 preset patch: Click LMC Hi-Gain ’66 Preset Info

LMC Warm Triple

Download:LMC Warm Triple MIDI Sysex

[flashvideo filename=http://livemusiciancentral.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/03/lmc-warm-triple.mp3 /]

Download: LMC Warm Triple Text File

For more info about the LMC Warm Triple preset patch: Click LMC Warm Triple Preset Info

LMC Stack Chorus

Download: LMC Stack Chorus MIDI Sysex

[flashvideo filename=http://livemusiciancentral.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/04/lmc-stack-chorus.mp3 /]

Download: LMC Stack Chorus Text File

For more info about the LMC Stack Chorus preset patch: Click LMC Stack Chorus Preset Info

LMC Stack Hot

Download: LMC Stack Hot MIDI Sysex

[flashvideo filename=http://livemusiciancentral.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/04/lmc-stack-hot.mp3 /]

Download: LMC Stack Hot Text File

For more info about the LMC Stack Hot preset patch: Click LMC Stack Hot Preset Info

LMC Matt’s Noise

Download: LMC Matt’s Noise MIDI Sysex

[flashvideo filename=http://livemusiciancentral.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/04/lmc-matts-noise.mp3 /]

Download: LMC Matt’s Noise Text File

For more info about the LMC Matt’s Noise preset patch: Click LMC Matt’s Noise Preset Info

LMC Twang

Download: LMC Twang MIDI Sysex

[flashvideo filename=http://livemusiciancentral.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/05/lmc-twang.mp3 /]

Download: LMC  Twang Text File

For more info about the LMC Matt’s Noise preset patch: Click LMC Twang Preset Info

LMC Talk-Wah

Download: LMC Talk-Wah MIDI Sysex

[flashvideo filename=http://livemusiciancentral.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/10/LMC-Talk-Wah.mp3 /]

Download: LMC  Talk-Wah Text File

For more info about the LMC Matt’s Noise preset patch: Click LMC Talk-Wah Preset Info

Remember, if you don’t know how to use Sysex data please click this link to read the How To which includes the free Winjammer software to use sysex data: How To Save And Load Presets On Your Fender Cyber-Twin SE Amplifier. Also, you can use the text files with the excellent program Cyber Commander SE from General Cyber systems.

Remember to control your Cyber-Twin SE you need a good MIDI pedal. I recommend the Behringer FCB-1010 pedal.

You can still find the Fender Cyber-Twin SE used on eBay. Click to search for the Fender Cyber-Twin SE.

16 thoughts on “Fender Cyber-Twin SE Amplifier Preset Downloads”

  1. Would you happen to have any good settings for blue on black by kenny wayne sheppard. I’ve been trying different tremolo and pctave + tape echo but I can’t seem to get a good sound for either the rythem or lead parts. Thank you.

  2. Question can some of your sounds also be loaded into the Cyber twin original? I love my amp and am having it gone through electronically and do some mod fixes, I am getting a new enclosure and outting in high end ceramic speakers, and 1/2 wood and a litle closer tolerances on enclousre design to cut down wieght instead of 16 lbs of celestian speaker I can put in 7 lbs of 2-10″ speakers and get some very nce tone but drop the actual wieght down to under 40 lbs. I like your patches and want to know more about that. I hav n ever used the facility that this amp has, I read a lot of negative stuff about this amp, but having giged as a high end blues player for years, this amp has never failed me and I am looking to keep it as my go to amp, just want to cut down on the wieght as I am 62 and geting tired of hauling the “beast” around. I know the 12″ is awesome, and I might be giving up a little, but keeping the versatility and light weight of the cyber-twin is better than trying to buy some new amp that can’t duplicate its versatility. Very nice patches indeed!

  3. Thanks for the compliment on the patches Lou. If you want to load the MIDI System Exclusive files on your amp then I don’t think they are compatible with the original Cyber-Twin. But, if you want to look at the text files that accompany all of my patches you may be able to enter in parameters by hand and at least get close to what I have done on my Cyber-Twin SE amp. Have you thought about trying to find a Cyber-Twin SE to see if you like it better than your original Cyber-Twin?

    Those sound like some very interesting mods you’re trying out on your amp. Please come back here and let us know how it turns out. -Matt-

  4. Hey – you can delete my two previous posts.
    I found my problem with loading full backup back to amp was a bad dump. Thankfully I had two dumps so the first one restored all my hard edited presets, yeah!
    Love the twang and warm triple!

  5. Really digging some of these sounds. Especially the warm slower sounds your creating. The band Luna comes to mind. Just wondering if you’ve heard of them and is there any chance of you creating a preset along the lines of their sound. I’ve been trying to do it for ages with me Cyber SE but am having very little luck. They have a cool vintage modern rock sound that has a touch of delay. Link here to their cool sound. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bzaF-nM2Et0&list=PLkZhitPyxK3faEZ0yc7TdVAEPcoQ4n_6E Cheers, Chris

  6. I bought a copy of the CT version but I need a copy of the SE version. Anyone?

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