My Favorite Electric Bass Guitar Strings

Dean Markley Blue Steel bass guitar strings have the perfect combination of excellent tone and high durability.

Electric Bass Guitar Strings
Dean Markley Blue Steel Bass Strings

   Over the years I’ve played several different instruments in various live bands. In fact, the first bar band I played in, I was playing the bass guitar. I really love to play the bass guitar and it’s one instrument that truly came naturally to me. Today I’m going to tell you about the strings I use on my bass guitar. 

   If you’ve read my post about Dean Markley Blue Steel Strings for electric guitar then I’m sure you won’t be surprised at all when I tell you that I prefer Dean Markley Blue Steel Strings for my bass guitar as well. In case you didn’t know, Dean Markley Blue Steel strings are cryogenically treated by dipping them in -320 degree liquid nitrogen. They are then packaged and sealed in their box ready for you to purchase.    Continue reading “My Favorite Electric Bass Guitar Strings”

Jeff Beck & Tal Wilkenfeld – Cause We’ve Ended As Lovers Live Video

Jeff Beck and the amazing Tal Wilkenfeld on bass guitar play “Cause We’ve Ended As Lovers” at the 2007 Crossroads festival.

   Jeff Beck is my very favorite guitar player of all time. I love his playing style and the amazing sounds he gets out of his Fender Stratocaster. He has recently been playing with an excellent live band that features the very talented Tal Wilkenfeld on bass guitar. Tal is 23 years old and has already played bass with Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton and Jimmy Page.

   In this video clip from the 2007 Crossroads Festival Jeff is performing his beautiful song “Cause We’ve Ended As Lovers” in which Tal takes and extended bass solo. You can see that she really knows how to play and is continuing to get better on the bass guitar. I hope you enjoy this clip as much as I did.    Continue reading “Jeff Beck & Tal Wilkenfeld – Cause We’ve Ended As Lovers Live Video”

Stuart Hamm – Bass Guitar Master Playing Bass Solo

Video clip of bass guitar master Stuart Hamm playing an incredible bass solo.

   Stuart Hamm is one of the finest bass players I have ever heard. He is amazingly skilled on the bass guitar and he also has mad skills as a live musician as well. The thing I like most about Stuart Hamm is his ability to play the bass with such great feeling. He has the flashy licks and can play as fast as anyone but I believe his strength is in his ability to inject true emotion into his bass playing.

   In this video clip you can hear a perfect example of what I’m talking about at the beginning of the clip. The little piece he plays moves and swells with great feeling. Then of course he starts horsing around but to his credit, it makes for a great show.

   This video clip is from a concert Stuart did with Joe Satriani and is from the “Joe Satriani – Live In San Francisco 2001” DVD. Stuart plays bass in Joe’s backing band when he’s not doing studio work or performing with his own band. If you listen to the audience it may sound like they’re booing but they’re really saying “Stuuuuu!!!” because they enjoy it so much.     Continue reading “Stuart Hamm – Bass Guitar Master Playing Bass Solo”

Beat The Fender Price Increase On Bass Guitars With Deals On eBay

Beat the Fender price increase by checking these listings for bass guitars on eBay.

Fender Standard Jazz Bass - Midnight Wine
Click To Search Deals On Fender Basses

   With the recent 30% price increase across the entire Fender product line many Fender products are now further out of reach of the average working musician. Many people are questioning why Fender would increase prices at a time when the economy is so down. There’s one sure way to fight the price increase and that’s to buy used gear. The biggest used gear market on the internet is eBay and today on Live Musician Central we’re going to feature Fender Bass Guitars! Just take a look at the listings below and if you see something you like, click the link and bid on it. You could score the bass guitar of your dreams and save a bundle of money by buying used.

[phpbay]Fender Bass, 10[/phpbay]

The Who’s John Entwistle – Bass Solo

The Who’s John Entwistle plays a thundering bass solo in this clip.

   One of my favorite bands also has one of my favorite bass players, Mr. John Entwistle. His recorded work with the Who is just incredible to listen to and his bass solo on My Generation is one of the most famous recorded bass solos ever. He’s also an outstanding live musician and has no reservations about taking exteneded bass solos live. Today I’m posting up a clip of John Entwistle playing a bass solo in the middle of the song 5:15 from Quadrophenia. It was recorded at the Royal Albert Hall in 2000. I really like the way his bass sounds on this solo and the camera attached to the top of his bass neck really gives an interesting visual perspective. It’s cool to watch him use his E-String drop tuner as well. The scales that he plays are pure John Entwistle and they’re comprised of a style that the man himself forged. They may not make perfect sense in a music theory setting but they’re pure Entwistle. Any musician that can create such a unique signature sound as well as a unique melodic signature should be revered. I like how Roger Daltrey introduces him at the end of the song.

Continue reading “The Who’s John Entwistle – Bass Solo”

Billy Sheehan and Paul Gilbert – Bass and Guitar Duel

Billy Sheehan and Paul Gilbert
Billy Sheehan and Paul Gilbert

   This clip is of bass playing genius Billy Sheehan and guitar virtuoso Paul Gilbert. These two great live musicians played together in their band, Mr. Big. One of the highlights of the show is when the two players took center stage and solo’d on their respective instruments.

   This clip is a great example of two extreme players going back and forth and doing some truly incredible stuff. It’s long, but worth the watch.  Continue reading “Billy Sheehan and Paul Gilbert – Bass and Guitar Duel”

Extreme Bass Guitar Playing With Billy Sheehan

   I’ve been featuring some live musicians who are masters at their particular instrument and this week we have bass guitar master Billy Sheehan. This is a video of Billy with his live band playing his song called “The Suspense Is Killing Me” from his Cosmic Troubadour album. Just an FYI, you can get Cosmic Troubadour from MP3 downloads for the extremely low price of $6.99 for 15 song! Can’t beat that…   Continue reading “Extreme Bass Guitar Playing With Billy Sheehan”

Michael Kelly Firefly 4-String Acoustic-Electric Bass

This is an incredible deal on a really good Acoustic-Electric Bass guitar, the Michael Kelly Firefly bass.

Michael Kelly Firefly 4-String Acoustic-Electric Bass

Since discussing playing an acoustic gig in yesterdays post on Live Musician Central I figured I should talk about an excellent solution for bass players. I’d like to point you to the Michael Kelly Firefly 4-String Acoustic-Electric Bass. It’s a very affordable acoustic bass guitar and is an incredible bargain for the price. It can be very difficult to find an acoustic bass that sounds good unplugged but the Michael Kelly Firefly really sounds good unplugged. Of course, it’s on-board electric pickup gives you the ability to plug in and that’s where this bass really shines.

Continue reading “Michael Kelly Firefly 4-String Acoustic-Electric Bass”

Save Money On Accessories With Coupon Code From Music123

Save 15% On Hearos Ear Plugs

   There’s a couple of really good deals going on at Music123 that I wanted to make you aware of. Right now all the accessories ship free on orders over $49. That’s half the usual amount to get free shipping. You usually have to order $99 to get free shipping but for the accessories you only have to order $49 worth of stuff to get free shipping.

   Second, there’s a great coupon code that you can use to get a 15% discount on all accessories. You can save a bunch of money by entering this coupon code during checkout when ordering accessories. Just click this link: 15% Off All Accessories with Coupon Code: B2S15 at That’s a great deal and it’s not going to last forever. So if you’re a live musician, now is the perfect time to pick up some much needed accessories for you and your band.

   Here’s a list of links to accessories that you can buy using the 15% discount code.

Horizon Concert Series 24-Channel/4-Return Stage Snake Standard

Mogami Gold High-Definition Neutrik 1/4″ Straight Instrument Cable 18 Foot

Mogami Silver Series Microphone Cable 50 Foot

Nova 12-Pair Hickory Drumsticks Wood Rock

Roc-N-Soc NRX Nitro Rider Drum Throne Black

Furman PM-8 II Power Conditioner with Digital Volt And Current Meters Standard

Yamaha Portable Keyboard Survival Kit B Standard

Drum One Shield Two Drum Shield Standard

Fingerease Guitar String Lubricant Standard

Fender Instrument Care Kit by Meguiar’s Standard

Big Bends Nut Sauce Tuning Lubricant Standard

Seymour Duncan SH-4 JB Humbucker Pickup Black

EBow PlusEbow Electronic Bow for Guitar Standard

Clayton Acetal Standard Guitar Picks .80MM 1 Dozen

Dean Markley 2556 Blue Steel Regular Gauge Electric Guitar Strings Standard

M-Audio SP-2 Sustain Pedal Standard

   That’s just a small sampling of the types of accessories that you can get right now at Music123. With the combined discounts of 15% off the price of the accessory and free shipping on orders over $49.00 you can save a bundle. So make sure you get in on the sale while you still can!

15% Off All Accessories with Coupon Code: B2S15

Live Musician Central Announces Products From Music123

   Live Musician Central has now added product links from . I have shopped many times with Music123 and have always been pleased with their customer service and ease of checkout. I bought my Line 6 TonePort KB37 from Music123 and I buy my Dean Markley Blue Steel Strings from them as well. Today I’m going to give you a few links to Music123 so you can check out the excellent promotions from this great online music store.

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